Saturday, February 12, 2005

CinemaNow Unveils a New Chapter in Television Viewing

Netflix is already working on using Tivo as a device whereby you can get Netflix movies downloaded to your TV, so you can get movies on demand, without having to wait for the DVD to come in the mail. This article, via eHomeUpgrade, recommends that video-on-demand service CinemaNow does something like that, because if you use their service now, you have to watch the movie on your computer, unless you've networked your computer to your TV.

"Home networks and broadband content services still intimidate people, or even worse... consumers don't understand why they even need a network, as noted by a recent research study by Harris Interactive. But hope still remains. I think if CinemaNow wants to breakdown the barrier the company needs to partner with cable/satellite providers and integrate their service into the set-top box.[emphasis mine] Think of it as “enhanced” video-on-demand where cable/satellite subscribers can order past episodes (not to mention CinemaNow's entire movie rental library) through the interface they're already familiar with."

I hope Netflix beats them to it.

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