Thursday, February 24, 2005

Netflix Lifetime Membership for those who need it least

Celebs Get Tons of Goodies at IFP Independent Spirit Awards
via KGET 17

This makes me crazy: Part of the goody-bags that presenters get at the Independent Spirit Awards is a Netflix Lifetime Membership. See the rest of the list.

The 2005 IFP Independent Spirit Awards premieres live on The Independent Film Channel (IFC) at 5pm EST and is edited for rebroadcast on Bravo the same evening at 10pm EST/PST, following an exclusive one-hour red carpet show at 9pm EST/PST.


  1. Gosh, you really like netflix. I found your blog while googling eastenders DVDs out of boredom. You posted a note like a year ago expressing a desire to see EE eps on DVD.

    I was just wondering if you've ever seen any news on that possiblity in the year since that post? I think it'd be very cool too.(But is it even possible? That'd be so many DVD's, since the show runs year-round)

  2. No, I'm sorry I haven't heard any news regarding EE on DVD.