Thursday, February 17, 2005

Netflix board member doesn't use BitTorrent

I learned ,via the Venture Capital Blog at BusinessWeek Online, that Netflix board member Rich Barton is the founder of Expedia.

Expedia and NetFlix have something in common—they both changed whole industries. Do you know anyone who doesn't buy plane tickets online? I don't. And that includes my low-tech parents who have now mastered the nuances of HotWire. In another five years, you may not know anyone who pays late fees either. Barton sees similar opportunities still looming across the net. Media is a big one. "We have all this broadband and I can't get old episodes of Seinfeld on the web. That is wrong and it won't last," he says.
[I reckon he ain't heard of BitTorrent, eh?--B]

Here's the complete list of Netflix directors
Reed Hastings, Netflix
Richard N. Barton, Founded Expedia, Inc. in 1994 and was its President, Chief Executive Officer and director from November 1999 to March 2003
Timothy M. Haley, Redpoint Ventures
Jay Hoag, Technology Crossover Ventures
A. Robert Bob Pisano, Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Michael N Schuh, Foundation Capital

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