Wednesday, February 16, 2005

How it works--with typos

Netflix has a new section under their FAQ (frequently asked questions) called "How it works", which illustrates step-by-step how the online DVD rental-by-mail service works, and answers some very basic questions. It contains two typos. Under "How much does it cost?", it says the 3-out plan costs $29.99 (it really costs $17.99). Under "How fast will I get my DVDs?", it says there are 30 shipping centers, but it has a little map of the U.S. with only 20 dots on it. The whole thing is really pushing the 5-out plan, for some reason.

And in case "How it works" doesn't work, they kindly offer you their customer service number.

Still have questions?
Please contact our
Customer Service
department at:

Mon-Fri 6am - 7pm PST
Sat-Sun 6am - 2:30pm PST

**update: this version of How it Works is not the one you get to via the main welcome screen. I found it via the press room.

1 comment:

  1. It seems that phone number is the only way to contact Netflix. I've been searching for an e-mail or something to complain but only find radio button forms.

    The mail came today and there were no Netflix red envelopes. So the total number of Netflix rentals this week? ONE. Yeah, I'm not really happy about that. In fact it kinda pisses me off. My queue sez that everything is available, "NOW", so why did I only get ONE SINGLE RED ENVELOPE from Monday through Saturday??? Is this the kind of service I should expect from now on? If that's the case I want out. Because that's pretty shitty turn around.