Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Death to the Netflix Thief

death to netflix thief
Originally uploaded by Jami.
This is what will happen to you if you steal Netflix DVDs!


  1. Have you ever had a movie stolen? We've had some "lost" for a very long time but they've all showed up eventually. I'd really like to know from where - the post office or the Netflix distribution center.

  2. It could happen either place. The USPS and Netflix both use machines that can mangle things. An envelope can drop behind a machine and not be noticed for a while.

    As far as I know, I have never had a movie stolen. I have had some go missing, but never for more than a couple of weeks.

  3. I know I had some of mine stolen. I mail my returns in a big blue mail box instead of the box in front of my house.

    I also believe that one was lost in a plane which hit the WTC. At least the timing was right. Netflix had one distribution center that all DVD's went to at the time.