Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Netflix Causes Family Strife

Zatz says:
I’ve had The 40-Year-Old Virgin at the top of my queue for over two months, during which time Netflix has failed to deliver. I’ve even resorted to cheap tricks in hopes of improving my situation. Either Netflix is throttling the movies I get or they just don’t have enough inventory. I’m not sure which is worse… penalizing an active customer or poor planning. And if it is poor planning, how come they haven’t seen the error of their ways and purchased more stock?

My fiancé thinks I’m throttling her movie selections in favor of mine. She wonders how it’s possible Battlestar Galactica DVDs continually arrive but her DVD selection never does. Seems a little suspicious, don’t you think?


  1. Can't you show her that for 40-Year-Old Virgin the queue says 'Long Wait' and for your Battlestar Galactica discs it says 'Now'?

    I think the term 'Throttling' refers more to when your 'At Home' section shows 'Shipping Wednesday' when it's Monday, or when it seems like its been a curiously long time since you've gotten the We've Received email for a movie you sent back.

    I agree though, that there is WAY too much waiting for popular discs. I've been trying to get the first disc of Grey's Anatomy for a month or so.

  2. Here's a hint: delete it from your lineup, then add it and move it to the top...just a thought!

  3. Switch to Blockbuster. The longer you're with Netflix, the worse the throttling will get. I'm still a Netflix customer, though I'm down to one-at-time, and will soon be switching to Blockbuster.

  4. I agree with usman. I quit Netflix out of disgust 2 months ago, then got weak and rejoined. The movie at the top of my queue when I left? 40 year old Virgin. And it's STILL there, at No.1, for months now. What a joke!! As soon as this billing period is up, I'm quitting again--going to use this time to switch everything in my queue over to Blockbuster.