Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Netflix removes other features

As a result of recent design changes to the Netflix Web site, some Netflix Web site features have changed without notice. Netflix doesn't announce when they introduce subtle changes to their Web site, which is annoying, so when I get comments on this blog about "where's this or that feature," I feel like the last to know.

Based on comments here and on the Hacking Netflix blog, these are the changes users have observed:

As I blogged earlier, the Add to List button is gone, although you can still make custom lists. You just have to use a "hack." When you find a movie you want to add to a custom list, replace, in the URL, the words "moviedisplay" with "AddToList." Capitalization matters.

Replace with:

They've reduced the number of cast members they list, or link to, for each movie. This means you can't find every movie every actor was in, if he was not a main character.

You can no longer use the drag and drop method to reposition items in your queue.

Have you noticed any other changes?


  1. Yeah, seriously. They really need a corporate blog, or something similar - just to keep people aware of such things. How hard is it to start a blog? They just change things without any notice, or explanation - and like you said, it's annoying.

    Sure, I appreciate some of the new features, but they should be adding features that CUSTOMERS request - and not just "enhancing it in the dark."

  2. Half my Queue is all of a suddenn missing.

  3. Thanks for posting such a clear example of how to keep using the now hidden "add to list" feature. I used that feature a lot, and, thanks to you, I now have it back again!