Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Three easy ways to add new movies to your Netflix queue

If you hear about a movie currently in theatres which you would like to see, but you'd rather wait for the DVD, you can still add it to your Netflix queue.

Browse Yahoo! Movies, where you can find reviews and ratings of current theatrical releases. Each movie's home page has a "Netflix-save to rent" button.

Browse Laqat Movies, for news and reviews on upcoming and current releases. Click "rent" link under "coming soon" to add a movie to your Netflix queue.

Browse for movie ratings, create a "Watch list" of theatrical movies, and they will alert you by email when movies on your watch list are in theatres near you, or available on DVD. Movies on DVD have an "add to queue" button.


  1. As a Netflix user, I could never find the in-demand new releases because they kinda don't list them to avoid "runs" on new features, but sometimes that's what I want to rent, so if you
    feel like your audience could use such a site, please mention me.

    Thanks Netflix Fan, I like the ability to pick movies from other places, maybe I can bury those types of links at my page? Do you know how?

    Yours in Netflixia!


  2. No, I'm afraid I do not know how to do what you describe except by manually typing in the link for every movie.