Wednesday, April 12, 2006

242 to go

I have seen 759 of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.
I have 193 of the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die in my Netflix queue, including eight in the "saved" section.
I own 11 of them on VHS.
I know where I can rent about six of them on VHS.
That leaves 40 missing titles, which I will have to beg, borrow, or steal from somewhere.
The remaining films are going to be difficult to obtain. For example, Bruce Conner's Report, is a 13 minute film, distributed by Canyon Cinema on 16mm, for a rental fee of $40.00.
This quest is going to end up costing me a lot of dollars.
I may have to be content with beating Roger Ebert's record, which is 943.


  1. Becky,
    Do you have those 40 titles listed somewhere? I'd be interested in seeing what's going to be hard to come by.

    dgeiser13 on Listology

  2. That list has the 193. Which ones are the 40 you can't find?

  3. OK. I've created a new list of ones I can't find.

  4. "Spring in a Small Town" is actually "Springtime in a Small Town" and is currently available from Netflix.

    "Wild Reeds" is currently available from Greencine; I've rented it from them in the past.

    I've been working toward the same 1001 movie list, albeit less systematically than you, and have seen almost 600 of the films.

  5. Anyone care to recommend a book about this list of movies?
    Is there a companion book to this?

    I love this blog. I am a fan of netflix fan. I don't get the save section. Do your saved movies automatically go into your queue?

  6. Kingmissy, I'm afraid I must disagree with you. "Springtime in a Small Town" is actually a 2002 remake of the 1948 film, "Spring in a Small Town."

    InstantMagic, I'm so glad you love my blog! Thanks for visiting!

    The Netflix database contains movies which have not yet been released on DVD. If you queue one of those titles, it will be added to the saved section of your queue until it becomes available, at which time, it will automatically move to the last position in the main queue.

  7. Thanks for the clarification on "Spring in a Small Town," Becky. I hadn't paid attention to the release date, and I appreciate your pointing out the difference to me (and, as we all know, a remake can be quite different in quality from an original film).

  8. No problem, kingmissy.

  9. Becky,

    That article you mention on Roger Ebert is from last June. Do you think he may have gotten any closer to the 1001 since then?

  10. I have no way of knowing, unless he mentions it publicly. I do not know if he is pursuing a goal of seeing all 1001. He may have been joking about it. I'm sure that, if he chose to, he could see the remaining 57 films far more conveniently than I could. He has money, and access to venues that I do not.