Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who is Neil Hunt?

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I spotted a photo of Neil Hunt on Flickr, and thought you'd like to know more about the guy. He is one of the Netflix executives you don't hear from much. He has been the Chief Product Officer at Netflix since 1999, in charge of the design and implementation of the Netflix E-commerce store.

He was recently on a BayCHI panel discussion, called "Beyond Search: Social and Personal ways of finding information." You can find audio and notes from the presentation at the BayCHI Web site. The panel included folks from Digg, Live 365, Pandora, and Del.icio.us. Neil Hunt talks about how Netflix gathers and uses ratings to recommend movies to users. He says, "We know that some users will rate a film highly even though they didn’t necessarily like it. Netflix surpassed a billion ratings at the start of 2006, and they collect 2 million ratings a day."

Neil Hunt is the only Netflix employee, that I know of, who is a member of the Netflix Operations discussion group on Yahoo!, but only as a private individual, not as a Netflix spokesperson. He has a personal Web site, but he doesn't update it often.

Just based on my impressions of him, he seems like he is really proud of Netflix and enjoys working there.


  1. Cool. An exec in jeans.

    I visited his personal site and most of the links are not working.

  2. I've been a Netflix customer for 10 years, happily so. A recent (last 12 months+) problem is exasperating me. I have been watching a S. Korean series called "Jumong" (40 discs parts 1-4)). Netflix has parts 1 and 3 but can't seem to deliver parts 2/4 (14 discs). I have called for about a year trying to discover the problem..no solution that makes sense is offered. The 14 discs have been sitting in my queue with "long wait", "short wait" next to them for months. Where is the technology to solve this problem? A call to the distributor for additional discs maybe? It's crazy!!!