Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rent Classics from SilverScreenArchive

I've joined another online-DVD-rental-by-mail service. SilverScreenArchive is a member of the Zdag consortium of video stores around the country which use the Netflix business model to rent DVDs online. I joined them because they have an amazing collection of classic titles not available from Netflix. SilverScreenArchive carries titles from 1930 to 1970, over seven about three thousand of them, in three types: transfers from commercially released VHS to DVD transfers from non-commercially released VHS to DVD, and commercially released DVD's.

I've been using SilverScreenArchive for about a month now. Although there are no due dates, late fees, or added shipping costs, all of their plans have a monthly limit. I'm on the "Gary Cooper" "Orson Welles" plan, which is $19.95 $21.95 for 3-out, maximum of 8 per month unlimited. Turnaround is was slower than Netflix, but since they don't promise "unlimited" rentals that's not an issue.

11/14/2007 UPDATE: Per their request, I have changed all references to Classicflix in this post, to SilverScreenArchive. ClassicFlix, as described here, no longer exists. They changed their name to SilverScreenArchive in October, 2006. I've updated the info about the plans and titles, and removed the old logo.


  1. Are you still having good luck with this company? I was comparing some of their titles with Netflix today. It looks like Netflix has more for the most part, but ClassicFlix has a few obscure ones Netflix doesn't. I am trying to decide if it's worth it for me to join this as well.


  2. Hey Sarafina! Yes, ClassicFlix has been very reliable, and is still sending me great movies. Thanks for asking, because I think I will post a follow-up to let folks know this is a good source. Yes, Netflix has more, but no one has the same titles ClassicFlix has.