Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy 8th Anniversary, Netflix!

On April 14, 1998 NetFlix Inc., started the world's first online store to offer DVD rentals.

At the time it opened, Netflix carried more than 900 DVD titles, which was every DVD available. They rented titles for a period of seven days, at a rate of $4 or $5 + shipping and handling. The DVD format had been around for about a year, and there were only 400,000 DVD players sold in America.


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  1. "The first two movies are available for $4 each and additional titles on the same order are $3 each. Rental reservations are $5 per title. Customers pay a round-trip shipping and handling fee of $2 for the first DVD and $1 for each additional movie in the same order, with a maximum shipping and handling charge of $5 per order. An overnight shipping option is available for an extra charge"

    Wow - that's approaching End of Late Fees complexity.