Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Netflix sues Blockbuster for patent infringement

Does silence mean consent?

As Reuters is reporting, Netflix has finally decided to sue to defend its patented business model, the DVD-by-mail, rotating subscription, queue-building model. Why did they wait so long? Why did they let Blockbuster Online spend $300 million dollars rolling out their online rental model, without a peep out of Netflix? Someone can infer from Netflix's silence heretofore, that they had no intention of enforcing their patent. If Blockbuster goes down, so will dozens of other smaller DVD-by-mail firms who have followed their example.

I found out about this from HackingNetflix

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  1. I think on Tuesday Netflix was finally awarded the patent for thier concept of "Keep the movies as long as you want and pay no late fees" and the ordered-que concept.

    They must have been waiting for that to launch the lawsuit.