Friday, April 28, 2006

DVD-on-Demand via Amazon subsidiary CustomFlix

Via Video Business Online [subscription required]:
By Jennifer Netherby 4/24/2006

NBC Universal, A&E Home Video and PBS have signed with DVD publishing subsidiary CustomFlix Labs to make their niche TV content available for on-demand disc production.

Amazon VP of worldwide media Greg Greeley said Amazon is hoping to create a new way for studios to keep smaller titles from going out of print and bring out other films and TV shows that it wouldn't make economic sense to mass produce for a traditional release.

"What we're trying to address is the barriers they have for why they don't bring some of their great works to market," Greeley said.

Not only can Amazon make those programs and movies available when a customer places an order, Greeley said Amazon also can reach and target customers who might be interested in niche titles based on their previous purchases.

"This is a campaign by us to help unlock that long-tail selection of video content not available to customers right now," Greeley said, referring to niche product that tends to sell better online for a longer period of time, thus being dubbed long-tail.

This is exciting to me, because I'm on the hunt for some out of print titles. I hope DVD-on-Demand catches on with folks who own those titles, so I can see their movies, and they can make some bucks without signing away their rights to a distributor.


  1. You have done a nice job incorporating your Netflixfan logo into your blog.

  2. I'm glad you noticed! Thanks for your help.

  3. hey, FYI, you've linked to my site - wetwired - I'm firing up a new site for movies you might be intersted in checking out - but it wont bring you to anyuthing but a splash screen - to see behind the scenes -

  4. I discovered this on Amazon the other day while looking for an old History Channel program. (The History Channel is one of A&E's sister stations.) It's a great development.