Thursday, December 30, 2004

Marla Jo Fisher compares Netflix with Blockbuster Online and Walmart DVD in 4-month experiment

Via San Jose Mercury News

The Orange County Register

"But was Netflix, which pioneered the movies-by-mail business five years ago, the best among the numerous competitors that had sprung up? Especially since Blockbuster, the video-rental chain with 40 percent of the video-store market, has now entered the Internet game?
I decided to find out. I signed up for Netflix, Wal-Mart and Blockbuster and used all three from August until November."
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  1. I wish she used "web site ease of use" as one of her criteria elements.

    THat's important to me. IF they have RSS feeds for DVDs, and account information. And, just generally how well the site reacts.

    I like Netflix because they are SOLELY internet based. Sure, that may not mean much, but it does to me. I think it means they have a stronger internet application than Wal-Mart or Blockbuster, who are both "brick and mortar" services as well.

    How about Netflix building actual "brick and mortar" locations? Would that be a next step for them?

  2. Last Tango in Paris is not available from Blockbuster or WalMart because of its original rating?! I had no idea. Yipes. Yet another reason never to rent from Blockbuster and to stay away from WalMart online. How can they be considered serious competitors of Netflix if they refuse to rent unrated/X-rated movies? More reason to believe that Amazon will blow everyone away when/if they join the club.

  3. well the comment on last tango uncut versiion not avaialbe from blockbuster is totaly wrong. I rented it several months ago from BB ONline. same exact version/rating and runtime as listed for the netflix version. Ideed it is listed on BB rental site.

    I think the issue of BB not renting unrated fims harkend back to many years ago, this does not seem like current policy. My locl blockbuster has the same versions of every unrated film I have checked v. netflix.

    As far as "X" or XXX rated films don't confuse them with "unrated". BB and Netflix carry NC-17 and UR (unrated) films, but neither do and niether will likely ever carry X and XXX