Monday, December 27, 2004

Walmart's DVD service rules

via Je ne sais Oz:: "It's very early in the game to give's DVD rentals an A distinction, but they do have some awesome features that no one else does. " Read the rest of her review of Walmart vs. Netflix. Manda has tried nearly all the online DVD services, and switches from one to the other frequently. She's recently rejoined Netflix.

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  1. That entry was written right at the beginning of my time with Walmart. Service deteriorated somewhat after the first two weeks (the postal notification thing began only working every 3rd or 4th DVD), and the confusion surrounding their cancellation terms was rather disconcerting. Still, I think Walmart's DVD service is rather unfairly criticized much of the time. In my experience their only real shortcoming is a limited catalog. Otherwise, they're on par with Blockbuster in terms of distribution centers and delivery time, and no other service currently offers a 4-out or unlimited 2-out plan.

    One of these days I'll have to write a big blog entry summarizing my experiences with Netflix, Blockbuster, Walmart and Nicheflix. I keep putting it off.