Thursday, March 10, 2005

Audio Book Rental by mail

For the times when you can't keep your eyes glued to a screen, you can keep your ears glued to Simply Audiobooks , which uses the Netflix-patented business model to rent audiobooks on CD. They cover the U.S. and Canada. They have 3000 titles. They say they process over 10,000 per day, which makes them the #1 audio book rental service. Their two-out plan is $24.95. They're located in Buffalo, NY and Oakville, ON.


  1. Dear God, I could never go through as many audiobooks, as I can movies... Audiobooks actually require concentration! hehe

  2. This is a somewhat belated update, but I just noticed this post. SAB now sells books on tape and CD audio books, as well as renting. We're also going to start in with direct downloads soon, too.