Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Legal video download services abound

"'It might be a good assumption to assume that's what it's going to be.' "

What's that you say? That's Netflix spokesperson Shernaz Daver answering with a non-answer when asked whether the deal between Netflix and Tivo will include Internet movie distribution. I can't imagine them doing it any other way (satellite? cable?).

That comes at the end of an article about various Internet video download services which have their own peculiar content, like sports or news channels (Dave Networks or Akimbo), which go to a set-top box (Dave, Tivo or Akimbo), and contain content (cable TV, Dave, or Akimbo), for a flat monthly fee (Akimbo), or movies (CinemaNow, MovieLink, Dave or Akimbo).

This is from a reprint of an article by Hiawatha Bray in the BOSTON GLOBE on Inside the Bay Area.
Read about your options here.

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