Monday, March 07, 2005

Expecting the Unexpected

Netflix Inc., the mail-order DVD rental company, knows a thing or two about direct competition, having seen its stock price tumble after it said online retail leader might enter the fray and retailer Blockbuster Inc. started a DVD-by-mail service.

But Chief Executive Reed Hastings said it's the threat you don't know about, not the obvious one sitting in your face, that poses the biggest risk.

"In the near-term, it's Blockbuster. It's direct competition," he said, when asked what he most worries about.

And over the long run? "You have to keep a really open mind about what could change, whether it's piracy, whether it's downloads, whether it's movies become short, movies become interactive," he said.

"What keeps me up is the unexpected. These are the ones that will kill you, not the ones that you thought."

via Economic Times

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