Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Truth in blogging

I want to encourage you to view with skepticism everything you read on the Web, including this blog. When you read about customers' experiences with Netflix, or Blockbuster, or Walmart, or Greencine, etc, please examine each claim with a critical eye. Keep in mind that the free market capitalist system requires each of us to be an educated consumer. We can use our power of choice to reward those businesses that serve us well and punish, by witholding our custom from, those businesses that do not provide good value.

Having been a Netflix subscriber for over a year, and for over 230 movies, I feel well-qualified to say that Netflix is the best online DVD rental service ever. I am a Netflix fan because I am a movie fan, and Netflix is my supplier. I am also a capitalist, and if Netflix does not continue to provide good value, I will drop them like a hot potato.


  1. Yes, consumers please be critical of information contained on the Internet, especially if the site receives money from paid advertisements. Then consider the person writing about the product. For example, Mike Kaltschnee, owner of has partnerships with Shernaz Daver, Netflix director of corporate communications, and Michele Turner, Netflix VP of product development. Mike Kaltschnee isn't your average joe blogger either: He's the Vice President of business development for Index Stock.

    Personally, I can't recommend Netflix. I've had problem after problem with my Netflix service. I've received numerous broken rentals and wrong shipments from Netflix:
    01. 11/26/03 - broken DVD
    02. 03/04/04 - broken DVD
    03. 04/01/04 - broken DVD
    04. 04/05/04 - broken DVD
    05. 04/11/04 - broken DVD
    06. 04/15/04 - broken DVD
    07. 04/22/04 - broken DVD
    08. 05/20/04 - broken DVD
    09. 07/15/04 - broken DVD
    10. 07/19/04 - broken DVD
    11. 10/30/04 - broken DVD
    12. 11/04/04 - broken DVD
    13. 11/20/04 - broken DVD
    14. 12/01/04 - broken DVD
    15. 12/09/04 - broken DVD
    16. 12/24/04 - broken DVD
    17. 01/08/05 - broken DVD
    18. 01/25/05 - broken DVD
    19. 01/30/05 - broken DVD
    20. 02/26/05 - broken DVD
    21. 02/28/05 - broken DVD
    22. 03/25/05 - broken DVD
    23. 12/27/03 - wrong DVD
    24. 06/20/04 - wrong DVD
    25. prior to 11/6/03 - wrong DVD #1
    26. prior to 11/6/03 - wrong DVD #2

    What's more is my dislike when Netflix purposefully delays my shipments. Furthermore, I have contempt for Netflix's limited-unlimited policy which became painfully obvious last year. Yet, the source of my most bitter hatred lies with Netflix shills--those who receive financial gain by promoting the service.

    I've rented over 500 movies from Netflix. I have memberships with other online DVD rental companies like Blockbuster and GreenCine. Therefore, I can honestly say Netflix has the worst service of all three. I blog about Netflix as well but you won't find any paid advertising on my web site. My opinion belongs to me alone.

  2. I enjoy reading Manuel's rants. For a guy who has rented over 500 movies from netflix you would think he would cancel the subscription instead of making it his lifes goal to smear them. I've used, greencine and blockbuster in addition to netflix. I have to say that Netflix is the best in terms of delivery time, selection and site features. I will admit that they do limit the DVD's you receive in a month when you are a very heavy user, but most people don't expect to receive six to nine movies per week. Netflix isn't perfect for everyone, but it is certainly better than greencine, blockbuster and walmart combined. The other services are slower even if you are a heavy user plus they typically have more movies with some type of wait. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies except for the fact I'm a subscriber of Netflix. That's my two cents worth - feel free to take it or leave it.

  3. I have been a member of Netflix since June of 2000. I have absolutely no clue how many movies I have rented from them. At this current time I turn over between 32-36 movies a month with them. Sure, I have had a few come through broken or the wrong DVD. In the last 5 years the number of them can be counted on one hand. Right now, I am also a member of Blockbuster. I signed up with them to check out their service and see if it was any better than Netflix. At the end of this month I'm canceling my subscription to Blockbuster. Time is the main factor in my decision. Their DVDs take too long to become available. Their shipping also takes way too long. I can mail a DVD to Netflix and they will receive it in two days and my next movie will come in two days after that. It's taking four to five days for Blockbuster to receive my DVDs and vice versa. The only big problem I have had with Netflix since I've been a member is when they hiked the price last year, but they have since lowered the price again. The main problem I had at the time is that the last couple of years I was on a program and price that didn't exist with them anymore and they were taking me off of it. Next year I'll have to end my membership with Netflix though because I'm moving to Dublin. I keep putting in emails for them to open a distribution center in Ireland, but I don't think it's going to happen especially if they are not seeing any profits here. Anyway, I've gone on long enough. I think that every program has it's pluses and minuses and every one has different experiences with them. You just have to stick with what works for you and for me it's Netflix.

  4. I gave been a member of Netflix for a few months. I tried to give it a chance even after I received a few broken or unplayable DVDs, but they just kept coming like that - that was the one thing I could depend on, i.e. that at least one of the DVDs I received each month would be broken or unplayable. One time even the replacement DVD was scratched and unplayable. Another time, the replacement DVD didn't even come. Even more than the broken DVDs, it was really disappointing when a DVD that I though was fine just died in the middle of the movie or kept skipping on a key scene. I got tired of being disappointed so I canceled my membership.