Wednesday, March 16, 2005

N is for Netflix, which brings New viewing habits

via of Tacoma, WA
But Netflix isn’t just changing the way people rent movies. It’s changing the way they watch them, too.

“If it’s (a movie) we don’t get to finish and it’s not holding us, we have no qualms about putting it in the envelope and sending it back,” said Rob Jorgensen, 39, of Tacoma.

Because Netflix’s monthly fee doesn’t depend on how many movies subscribers watch, they’re both more willing to try something that might be bad and less patient with movies that don’t grab them from the get-go.

“We definitely give movies more of a chance as far as putting them in our queue,” Merydith said. “Once they go into the DVD player, they get about 30 minutes to entertain or else.”

Said 31-year-old Seattle resident Mike Standish, “Now that the guilt of wasting money is gone, I don’t feel so bad about turning off a bad movie.”


  1. strangley enough, Netflix has done the opposite for us. If we haven't finished a movie, I don't have any qualms about hanging on to it until I have watched it.
    Even if the movie did not grab me right away, I like to see the entire movie rather than leaving it unwatched. I've got at least two movies here now that we've had for at least two months, because we have not finished them. We are one of Netflix's really profitable customers.

  2. Be careful you don't have a case of Netflixia.