Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Netflix Picks up Award-Winning Film by Academy of Art University Motion Picture and Television School Alum, Nick Tucker

Via PRWeb:
[Fandom] is a mockumentary-styled comedy, an illustration about the mental unraveling of a young man who is a little too obsessed with Natalie Portman. The film begins as a "documentary" about fans and their objects of desire, but takes an interesting turn when one of its subjects, Gordon, comes unglued and decides to meet the actress of "Princess Amidala" fame. Faced with the prospect of meeting the person he admires most in the world, Gordon freaks out and begins to unravel. The result is a portrait of a fan who can barely function, despite having his wildest dreams come true.

Nick Tucker comments, “Cinequest is a very cool company. They've been extremely helpful in getting the film promoted and seen. They're also a film festival, and I think that this helps them find films that resonate well with an audience. They're trying out a lot of new things as a new distributor, and I think that was part of the appeal for me. Fandom is a film that tries a lot of new things, too. In many ways, it was a perfect match. Cinequest helped us get our film on Netflix, which is huge, and Netflix bought three times as many copies of Fandom than most other independent films. That's a door that I'm glad to have opened.[emphasis mine--Becky]”

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