Monday, December 19, 2005

Oops! I deleted your message.

You know how it is. You get forty-two-zillion spams each day, but nestled among those ads, viruses, and trojan horses, is maybe a legitimate order confirmation or missive from one of your faithful blog readers. I know I've accidentally deleted emails from Netflix, by trashing my spam without looking at it. One of those emails was telling me that their affiliate program was changing, so I went three months without any affiliate ad dollars (I'm no longer an affiliate, by choice). The only way to be sure to get an important email from Netflix, is to add their address to your address book. My Yahoo! spam filter will not block anything from someone in my address book. Therefore, I have several addresses that end with in there. For example, problemreview at Netflix, site.errors at Netflix, info at Netflix, etc. Word to the wise.

Meanwhile, if you sent me an email in the last three or four days, I think I accidentally deleted it while cleaning out my bulk mail. I caught a quick glimpse of the subject after I clicked the "empty trash" button, so I know it has to do with Shatner's DVD club. Please re-send.

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