Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Report errors with Web site or movie listings to Netflix

We as customers need to hold Netflix accountable for their mistakes. If they screw up a delivery, or have wrong information on their Web site, please don't let your only response be a negative rant. Do something constructive with your anger, and give Netflix the feedback they need to improve their service. I know they read the stuff, because I've submitted corrections to them, and those corrections have shown up on the Web site soon after. You can also suggest ways they can improve their business.

David English has an issue with Netflix, which I've submitted to them as a suggestion. The more people who make a suggestion, the more likely they will implement it.

Here’s a problem I’ve noticed with Netflix. When a film is reissued in a better print, it can take a while to replace the older version with the newer version. It isn’t always clear from the website which version you’re getting, unless the box art definitely shows the newer version. I know Criterion has re-released Grand Illusion, as well as Beauty and the Beast. I’ve read online they may reissue Seven Samurai next year.

In other cases, a film moves from one distribution company to another. Shoot the Piano Player recently moved from Fox Lorber to Criterion. Netflix still shows the Fox Lober box art. I wonder if they’ll mix in the Criterion prints as replacements, and at some point, switch over to the Criterion box art.


  1. I submitted a correction to Netflix about a movie on their site over a year ago and it has not been fixed. I didn't rant. I just politely informed them of the problem.

    (look for DVDude's review for the problem)

  2. To be fair to Netflix (which I dearly love -- it has made classic film viewing much easier), there’s probably not much they could do about the situation. It would be expensive to junk 1,000 copies of a previous version just to make room for handful of new versions.

    Maybe they could favor two entries or a sub-entry, with an indication you may have to wait longer for the newer version. From their point of view, it may not be worth a lot of trouble, especially if most subscribers don’t know – or don’t care – about different versions of the same film.

  3. Thanks, David and Bullwinkle.

    Bullwinkle: I have submitted that error to site (dot) errors (at) netflix (dot) com. Let's see what happens.

  4. It's been a month and 'Cheaters' has not been updated. It's still sitting there with its happy little Save button so you can add it to your queue and then wonder why you never get it.