Tuesday, December 06, 2005

O'Grady's PowerPage reviews Netflix alternative Greencine

I haven't mentioned Greencine on my blog in quite a while, probably because I haven't been a member since last Spring. For those of you who are curious about Netflix alternatives, here's the bottom line to O'Grady's review:

So I've been hooked up with GreenCine for the last month and a half and I can say that the experience has been cool. Unfortunately, they don't have the 20 gagillion distribution centers that NetFlix has so I had to wait a whole 2-days to get my title. Being a documentary-whore, I like the selection that they offer and to me the extra buck or two is worth the variety.

Since everything now-a-days has a rating system, I give GreenCine 4 out of 5 stars. GreenCine isn't trying to be the next NetFlix, they're just trying to create an "Alternate Scene".

Here are some hard facts about GreenCine:

Range of DVD's

Monthly Price
$9.95 - 1 DVD
$14.95 - 2 DVD's
$21.95 - 3 DVD's
$27.95 - 4 DVD's
$33.95 - 5 DVD's
$49.95 - 8 DVD's
$59.95 - 10 DVD's

Free Trial Period

He also mentions that Greencine claims to have about half the number of titles that Netflix has, but they do stock some rare, out of print titles that Netflix doesn't carry. Greencine ships only from California.

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