Monday, December 12, 2005

New Netflix upgrade options

Netflix has introduced a new upgrade option. Now, when you upgrade your account, you don't have to wait until your billing date to start receiving more DVDs. Netflix gives you a choice as to whether it takes effect right away or you can wait until your billing date. If you choose for it to go into effect immediately, they will ship the additional DVD(s) the next day, and charge you a prorated rental fee according to the number of days until your billing month is up.

According to this subscriber, the fee came out to about $0.83 per day for the 2-out plan. However, it's about $0.64 for me, for the 3-out. I guess it is based on your monthly rate, including taxes, divided by the number of days in the month.

I can't tell if this is a trial feature or not, since I wasn't planning to upgrade until I found this entry on The Stupid Page and just had to test it out.

As of this minute, the official Netflix site hasn't changed their FAQ to match this new feature. It still says "Any changes to your service will take effect at the start of your next billing date. Until that time, your Netflix membership will remain unchanged."


  1. I've upgraded my account twice in the 18 months I've been a Netflix member. The first time I went from 3 to 5. Netflix shipped my extra movies the very next day.

    The second time I went from 5 to 7. But this time, Netflix waited until my billing cycle re-started. I have to say I like option 1 better...

  2. I have upgraded my account once about 1 year ago and after doing so, I recieved an email stating that although the policy was for the upgrade to take effect at the beginning of my next billing period, my account would be upgraded immediately at no extra cost. I don't know if this was standard policy, but to me it sounds as if the new policy is not as beneficial as the old.

  3. Same for me. The first time I upgraded my account, they gave it to me immediately. Subsequent upgrades took place on my billing date. I think they gave you the immediate upgrade only once, until now.

  4. They only let you do this once. Once you've upgraded once, and upgrade again, or downgrade and upgrade again, you have to wait until the first day of your next billing cycle. Or pay the pro-rated fee.

    Otherwise, one could downgrade the day before the billing date, and upgrade right after. No way they'd let that happen. :-)

  5. i dont get it.... does it cost more? are they going to do it either way?