Friday, December 16, 2005

Some statistics regarding TV on DVD at Netflix

TV-on-DVD releases have snowballed to fuel and capitalize on power watching. "70 percent of all TV series on disc were released in the past year," says Steve Swasey, director of corporate communications for the rental service Netflix. And they're flying out of the warehouse.

Since the first-season DVD of Lost was released in September, Netflix has shipped almost 400,000 copies to its subscribers. Customers have ordered 4.4 million copies of the first five seasons of The Sopranos, the show that launched power watching when it first started coming out on disc in 2000. TV DVDs now account for 15 percent of the million titles Netflix ships daily - 23.5 million in total since 1999, Mr. Swasey says.



  1. I actually added a new profile on my account for all of the TV shows I have missed since they really bogged down the speed of loading the queue. I'm sure you understand with 242 in yours. :)

  2. It was especially slow when my queue had 500 in it. That's when I started using the Netflix Freak application.

  3. This is one area where I will not post a negative comment since I am really happy with old series being released on DVD more and more. I am still waiting for BLOCKBUSTER or NETFLIX to get the first season of branded which is available on DVD. Now, to the positive side of tv shows being released on DVD. Several years ago, I missed the series finale of FRASER and never was able to find it in reruns. They released the last season of FRASER on DVD last year and I was able to order the last disc of FRASER from NETFLIX and watch it. Also, I missed the second episode of a two parter during the last season of ENTERPRISE (Alternate reality 2-parter) and I was able to order it from NETFLIX. I am really thrilled that I can do this.

  4. Yes, I think this is fantastic! Thank you for posting a nice comment, Raymond.