Monday, July 05, 2004

Constructive Complaining

This is a copy of a comment I made on one of my posts. I'm reposting this on the front page, because it might prove helpful to someone.

From what I've seen, the good experiences with Netflix outnumber the bad a thousand to one. However, if they are not performing up to standard, start with the customer service section of That's what they are optimized for. Read the Frequently Asked Questions . If you want to write a letter, their address is in the Press Room section. Or you can try these suggestions from the Federal Government's Consumer Protection Agency


  1. The last complaint I read the point was made that several movies he could not get, both of them were not available on DVD. Read the FAQ is a very good suggestion.


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  4. Have had Netflix for three months and luvvit!
    We live in Tucson and the nearest Netflix is Phoenix. Yay. 1 day turnaround. Their index system suits me jus' fine.

  5. I have been with Netflix for 13 months now. I'm on the 5 out plan and have averaged 38.4 movies watched per month. Of those, only 6 have been unwatchable and replaced within 2 days. I love this service. I live in the Detroit area and get my movies from the Lansing, MI DC.

  6. As an X-flixer I have only one negative to discuss. When I joined Netflix I logged in what I ordered, when I ordered, when I returned the CD, and when they recieved the movie. After 125 rentals, 1 movie falled to return to the mothership. I reported the mishap and was given the riot act about stealing movies and threatened with life of banishment or possible death. When the movie finally did show up (15 days later), I was given no apology for the rudness. BEWARE !!!

  7. That's weird. I have been a Netflix member for 4 years and have rented hundreds of DVDs. One of them went missing and when I reported it, Netflix sent me an email reminding them to report it "found" if it was in fact found. No riot act received here.
    They do have a HUGE inventory of obscure films on DVD. Strange how they don't have some Disney on same format.

    MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Blockbuster (although BB has tried to offer "unlimited rentals" for 24.95 a month. Gee, wow, two out at a time).

    Got a better plan through Netflix. Besides, easy to rent when sitting on one's duff. And the service is better.