Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Netflix FAQ: Availability vs. Priority

Netflix: "Question

Why was I not shipped my first movie although it is available now?


We are continually striving to make improvements to our delivery times. Since the first title in your queue was not available at the time we processed your next order, our system shipped the first available title in your Rental Queue from the distribution center nearest your location. This will allow you to receive your movies faster, in turn, improving the value of our service. We truly apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused. "


  1. I get those emails every once in a while asking how long it took to get a specific title.

  2. Yeah... and weekends & Holidays are the worst... once I sent my 3 DVDs back on Thursday, expecting to get new ones back on Saturday and they arrived until Tuesday, since Monday was off for the USPS. It sucked! Thanks Reagan Funerals...!

  3. One of our nation's greatest leaders dies and you're upset that you missed a movie night? Sheesh.

  4. I hate that about Netflix sometimes. They say they have a film available, and sometimes they'll ship one of my films on that day, but another not until the next day. It takes about a week to turn over, and if it takes longer, that really annoys me. But it's only been truly incovenient about three times a year.

  5. Well, really, what was the point of mail service being down for one day because of Reagan? Most people had to work as usual that day. Why should the USPS (and consequently, Netflix) be any different?

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I've noticed that since a new DC afforded me 1-day delivery, one disc is always delayed if two DVDs arrive at the DC on the same day. The DVD will be checked in and the next disc is chosen, but it'll always say 'shipping tomorrow'.

  6. Got this from Netflix

    Movies are sent by first class mail and usually arrive within 2 to 4
    days, but some movies may take longer than 4 days to arrive because of
    U.S. postal delays.

    Orders received on weekends and holidays are processed the following
    business day. Please allow extra delivery days for orders shipping to or
    from the following locations:

    Hawaii 1-2 extra days
    Alaska 2-3 extra days
    Puerto Rico 2-3 extra days
    Other U.S. territories 2-3 extra days
    Military base addresses 3-4 extra days

    Please keep in mind we strive to have most discs returned and sent from
    the distribution center nearest you. However, from time-to-time discs
    may be sent from the distribution center that has it in stock not
    necessarily the distribution center nearest you, which can sometimes cause a
    small delay. Unfortunately, we are unable to set an account to have
    discs only ship from a particular distribution center.

    Please also note that movies go under shipping status. A title in a
    Shipping status means our system has chosen that title to be the next
    movie shipped to you. Generally, we ship all orders within 24 hours of
    their entering Shipping status. However, when a movie isn't available from
    your local shipping center, we reserve a copy from another shipping
    center and ship it to you the following day.

    Please note that due to inventory issues a movie may occasionally be in
    Shipping status for up to 2 days. If this occurs, we will automatically
    cancel the shipment and add the movie back to your Rental Queue.

  7. Thanks for posting that, Cyclist. Did you get that in an email in response to your complaint?

  8. Correct this was sent via email.

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  10. why do they post unknown for the release date of some movies that are already out