Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Intertitle-o-Rama Y'all know I'm on a silent film kick right now, don't you? It's all part of my quest to see the best movies of the 20th Century. I've already seen about 80 of them, all made before 1929, via Netflix. Here's a site that provides quotes, some bizarre, some hilarious, from the intertitles of silent films. The intertitles are the text-filled screens that periodically interrupt the action to tell you the dialog or give you some narration.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. I'd love to see a list of movies you suggest people watch. I'd also love to read some of your reviews.

  2. Love your choice of movies. Are you a sci-fi Fan?

  3. You're too kind. Check out my profiles on Listology or Netflix (see blog sidebar for links) for movies I've seen. Yes, I'm a scifi fan. How'd you guess?