Friday, July 23, 2004

Netflix Addict not working?

Jim, whom I know from the Netflix_operations_discuss group at Yahoo! has reported that Netflix Addict is not working. Let me know if your experience is any different.



  1. Yeah I can't get the son of a gun to work.

  2. It's probably just a quirk of my particular Java environment. I haven't delved into it at all though.

  3. Yes, it does not work (Mac OS X) --- it launches, and asks me for some settings (of which I don't know what they are), and then I can't even quit - it just stays open.

    I really would like it to work...

  4. Addict is Alpha-test software... it's still in early development.

    The startup problem is caused by it not picking up the right information out of the cookie file.

    Open your cookie file (or interface, or however your browser lets you see the contents of your cookies) and find the NetflixShopperID cookie. Copy it into your paste buffer.

    Now delete settings.xml (probably in the same directory as Addict, but it gets put in the "current working directory" when you start it up... one my work machine, that was the Java binaries directory), because you can't get to the settings editor unless the settings don't exist or everything starts up properly.

    Now instead of letting Addict search for the cookie, paste the cookie string in manually. Set your other settings and continue. Addict will start up properly, but note that it has other bugs, like trying to drag-and-drop more than six titles results in lost information. Like I said, Alpha-test software.