Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Netflix Featured FAQ: Wait statuses definitions


How can I tell if a movie is in stock and how soon it will be sent to me?


To help you manage your Rental Queue, we provide inventory information for each item in your Rental Queue. Because inventory status fluctuates constantly, it is possible that the status may vary before the movie can be shipped.
Available Now: We have copies of this movie available for immediate shipment.

Short Wait: We don't have quite enough copies of this movie to meet all current demand, so we may not be able to ship it to you right now. We should have enough copies in the near future. The wait for this movie is generally less than 14 days.

Long Wait: There's considerably more demand than available copies for this movie. It's unlikely that we'll be able to send you this movie in the next week or two. The wait for this movie is generally less than 30 days.

Very Long Wait: There is very high demand, limited availability and/or a very long wait for this movie. The wait for this movie is generally less than 4 months, but could be longer, for example if the movie is out of print or we are otherwise unable to buy more copies.


  1. blockbuster for $19.99 unlimited. If you have a close BB in your neighbourhood, you can get unlimited in a day !!! Only one cd but you can go back and forth.. It is a good reason to exercise ! :)

  2. About the status of a DVD in your queue, I read somewhere about a study done regarding this. He concludes that Netflix will delay delivery for a high-demand DVD to long-time members and expedite deliver for new members. This was an individual who created many free accounts with Netflix as well as his own payed account. Do a search on Google for it and you should find it. The answer to this question IS NOT just copy & paste from

  3. Do you know any company like serving in other countries ?

  4. Yes, I've found some in Canada, Australia, Germany, and the U.K. I'll be posting links to them soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog!