Monday, July 26, 2004

Custom Printing Example: Netflix

Custom Printing - OnTheMark - Commercial & Professional Printing Services These guys print (or used to print) the clever red mailing envelopes for Netflix. According to Reed Hastings, they tried out hundreds of different designs before they came up with the patented one they use now.


  1. Walmart's looks almost exactly the same, except it's blue.

    I tried Walmart, becuase I'm trying to find out if my monthly subcription will contribute to

    It seems like a good servive, but lacking the rating\recommendation system and didnt have some of the more obscure movies in my cue.

  2. I'd love to have a scan of the Walmart envelope, for the blog. I've never seen one. Let me know how your experience with Walmart compares to Netflix. Thanks.

  3. I didn't like the WalMart service. I live in Atlanta, and both walmart and netflix have mailing centers (or whatever they're called) in Atl. With netflix, you put it in the mail, they receive it the next day, they mail out next one that day, and you receive it the following day. Great! Walmart? Not so. It took twice as long to receive our movies and their selection is not nearly as good as netflix, and they apparently do not buy enough copies of new movies. We did the 30 day trial and quit it at the end.
    I understand Blockbuster is starting one, too. Anyone tried it?