Friday, July 30, 2004

Friday movie update

I went over to the dark side last night. I went to the Hollywood Video store. I had coupons: .99 each for five-day rentals and I could rent three movies per coupon. They expire tomorrow. I had to use one! I rented Hellboy, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, and Bubba Ho-Tep. Hellboy was the only one not on my Netflix queue. I wanted to get Before Sunrise, so I could see Before Sunset this weekend, but I was distracted by the "New Releases" before I got that far. I'll be returning Hellboy and Aileen tonight.

Aileen was very disturbing. I pitied her far more than I would have pitied a male serial killer. The movie portrayed her as a product of her upbringing, rather than a monster. She even says in the movie that she was not "special enough" to qualify as a true serial killer.

Hellboy is a demon, raised by humans, who goes straight. He becomes a superhero, working for the FBI. That unconventional premise, and a quirkie sense of humor, keep it from being an ordinary superhero movie.

That's funny. I just noticed the coincidence that I viewed two movies about demons in the same evening.


  1. I adore Hollywood Video's 99¢ coupons. The last batch I received came in April. I had used them all by mid-May, a few weeks before they expired, when I saw another set of coupons poking out of an abandoned mailbox. I overdosed on movies in those two weeks, I can tell you.

  2. I think it will be a long time before I go to the video store again, although I have one of those damn Blockbuster gift cards. I hate the selection in my local store, but my son found a DVD of "Rocky" for $13.99. That should eat up some of the gift card.

    I'm wishing Netflix had the first "Paradise Lost" dvd in its library. This thing is out of print, but I want to find it somewhere. I know it's an old case and old news, but some of us find out about things later than others.

    ; )

  3. Cool blog you have here, I'll have to return. I've been a netflix customer for about six months and I love them. No more standing in a dreaded long line at Blockbuster on Friday nights. I can't believe I didn't become a customer sooner.

  4. You said "Hell boy" was different but is worth wasting a spot on my net flix queue?

  5. No, life is too short.

  6. Brick and Mortar places are still good for the moment you get the hankering to see something now. Besides nothing beats goofing off with friends at the video store. You all stare at rows of boxes saying "this sucks", "this rocks", and the ever shocking "woa...they made another one of these?!"

    Its all good. Don't feel ashamed you went to a physical location. Netflix rocks for those planned rentals but never makes up for those random unplanned moments times you want to see uncommon movies now.

  7. I'm a huge Netflix fan, but the kids sometimes want to stop and rent a video... boy do I not miss the rental store! The selection was terrible and of course we forgot to take it back on time, so it ended up costing even more than I didn't want to spend!!

    Yay Netflix!