Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Googlism for: Netflix

Just for fun, I went to Googlism to find out what Google thinks of Netflix. Here's a sample:

netflix is a trailer park
netflix is growing
netflix is the best game in town
netflix is slow
netflix is a flat
netflix is one of our sponsors here at movies for guys
netflix is older
netflix is well positioned to capture at least some of the action
netflix is probably the godfather of all the online dvd rental sites
netflix is basically the biggest and best and has also been around the longest
netflix is agnostic about delivery channel


  1. hummm.., you really need to go out more often.

  2. nice blog! u really like netflix dont u! i did too - when i was in the US ... miss that now. its a great service!

  3. wow i wish i could like have a netflix.... whatever it is ;)