Wednesday, July 21, 2004

From the Dead Horse dept: Netflix Numbers Q1/2003 (Info Feed)

I'm afraid the better they are, the less profitable they will be: the more DVDs you rent, the happier you are with Netflix. However, the more discs you rent, the smaller their profits.

Netflix Numbers Q1/2003 (Info Feed): "It will be significant to see how this effect plays out going forward and whether the company will be able to strike a profitable balance."


  1. How much longer do you think Netflix will survive?

  2. As long as DVDs survive. I've read they expect DVDs to last about 20 years on the market.

  3. I'd heard--possibly on your blog--that they were starting to experiment with movie downloads. As in, download a certain # of movies at a time, and watch them on your computer. Things like that. A friend of mine also told me that that's where the market is going to go: everything will be integrated, your computer, TV, etc.. I find that kind of depressing, but whatever. What do you think/ know about that? Is my friend making this all up?

  4. Miranda,

    As far as I know, Netflix itself hasn't experimented with movie downloads--yet. They plan to start such a service in 2005. There are other movie download services already available online, such as, but they still have limited selections. Tivo is working on a deal with digital cable which will allow you to download movies on demand. I doubt there will ever be only one way to obtain your movies. You'll always have choices.