Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Amazon Light 4.0 links to Netflix

Amazon Light 4.0 is an alternative interface for Amazon.com. It retains the functionality of the Amazon site, while streamlining and simplifying. You can search Amazon for any product without being bombarded by page-cluttering advertisements and suggestions. Best of all, there's a direct link with Netflix, so you can easily search Netflix for any DVD you find on Amazon with only one click.

With Amazon Light 4.0, you can also do the following things:

Buy the item from Amazon.com
Add the item to an Amazon.com Wishlist
Send URL to a friend with GMail
Set up a DropCash Campaign
Send URL and Title to your Blog on Blogger
Send URL and Title to your Del.Icio.Us Account
Lookup a book at your Local Library
Find the same item at Netflix (DVD/Video)
Look up an Artist on iTunes (Music)

If you want to add to the Netflixfan unemployment insurance fund (for if I get fired for blogging), click on "settings" and enter netflixfan-20 as the affiliate id.

First seen on Openstacks.


  1. Hi Becky, thanks for your blog, which is quite enjoyable. Just a suggestion regarding your RSS feed (http://netflixfan.blogspot.com/atom.xml). Currently links within your feed are not clickable. Would it be possible to make them clickable? Thanks again. -A Netflix subscriber in California.

  2. Hi Becky,

    Just wanted to say how excited I was to see that you ended up at my blog, seeing as I've been reading yours for so long now. In fact, it was when you "outed" yourself as RosieCotton that I first discovered Listology. Now, I can hardly imagine my online life without it. In fact, I plan to talk about it in my next podcast. Anyway, thanks for the linkage.

    Greg (openstacks)

  3. I'm sorry I can't fix the Atom feed. I don't know anything about RSS. I supplied the link Blogger gave me.

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