Thursday, January 13, 2005

Featured Competitor: is a strictly family-friendly alternative to Netflix. They offer a 30-day free trial. Mentura features titles from the Discovery Channel, Disney, Imax, History Channel, A&E, PBS, Animal Planet, BBC, etc., comprising an inventory of about 12,000 titles. Membership plans are monthly or annual, 3-out (for $19.97 per month) or 6-out ($29.97/month). Also known as Sample categories include: Biblical, Children's, Christian Drama, Creationism, as well as genres like action-adventure, comedy, drama, etc.

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  1. I tried the Mentural trial a year ago and had nothing but praise for their service. Besides the educational stuff, they also have a decent selection of PG or PG-13 popular films. The only downside really is that they have just the one California distribution center.