Monday, January 17, 2005

We listen, so you don't have to

If you've ever listened to the optional commentary track on a DVD, one of the special features occasionally available, you know that it can sometimes be boring and stupid, and other times, brilliant and entertaining. Well, now there's a site,, that reviews the commentaries for you, telling you which DVD editions and movies contain the best commentary, and by whom. You can search for commentaries by who is doing it, whether director, actor, historian, critic, whatever, or by movie title. Everyone should listen to a few commentaries, because it really helps you enjoy the movie all over again, like watching it with a friend who knows stuff. My favorite feature of the site is the list of commentary innovations.

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  1. They forgot Goonies in their list of commentary innovations. Several times during the commentary the film is squeezed into the corner of the screen, revealing the (now grown up) cast in the studio recording the commentary.

    Also, one of the Red Dwarf sets has an easter egg of the cast at the commentary session finding an easter egg of their own. I wish more DVDs would include photographs from the commentary session.