Friday, January 21, 2005

Be aware, when watching series discs via Netflix

Mike Harris, a Netflix member, writes on his blog about an exchange he had with Netflix recently, in which he complained about them shipping his TV series discs out of order. This is a big problem when you get season two discs before season one, for example.

Netflix's reply is that they will consider his suggestion to ship series discs in order. Meanwhile, "we suggest adding one season at a time to avoid getting them out of order." Read the rest

P.S. Greencine fixes this problem by giving you the option to lock your queue, so that no matter how long a wait you have, you will get your discs in the specified order. This leaves you discless for a while.


  1. Whenever I hear about this problem, it's always with The Sopranos. Maybe the solution, until Netflix gets its act together and fixes this, is to just watch other TV shows that are a bit less popular right now.

  2. This can be annoying. What happens to me is when a new popular show comes out and I put it to the top of the list, Disc 1 will have a wait, and Disc 2 won't - so they'll ship me Disc 2, which I don't want until I've seen Disc 1. This hasn't happened too much, and I never really thought about it as a problem Netflix could solve. I love Netflix, and stuff like this isn't a big enough deal for me to reconsider my subscription.

  3. I find that the best way to avoid getting TV discs shipped out of order is to set up your queue so that only 1 disc from any particular show gets shipped on a given day (for instance, have 1 TV disc and 2 movies shipped, or discs from 2 different shows). That way, if a particular disc is unavailable, you don't accidentally get the next disc out of order.

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