Friday, January 07, 2005

"Assign Profile" Feature in development

Astute observer and blogger Mike Geary pointed me to this new feature which Netflix is apparently developing. If you move fast, you can find it yourself. Go to your account (you'll need to sign in), and click on "change shipping address". You might see the following FAQ's in the margin:

Mike describes it on his blog. This feature would allow a household or group of friends to share a membership. What do you think of this idea?


  1. Good find again Becky. Keep up the good work. I'm reading you and following, I just hate the blogger comment interface. Move to Typepad ;)

    I remember last February that Netflix was asked when family support would come. Finally it arrives.

    In my thinking I always thought it would be cool to have as many queues as you wanted (up to the number of DVDs out) to help you organize the sequence of films coming to you. They went straight for the family model which is cool, but a single person could still use multiple queues I think. They did the more important thing first.

    I love seeing progress on the website. This is where Netflix needs to shine.. I'm curious now how friends and this feature interacts. The data model is getting a little more complicated.

    I think Netflix should develop a more nuanced set of plans that allows also 4,6,7 out so that families can have the flexibility to guarantee everyone gets what they want.

    This could be like a responsibility lesson for little Timmy: "if you don't send back your movie you can't get another."


  2. Well, an enhancement to this that might drive some more business their way is if you could not only share the movie allotment on your account, but also share the cost. If I could do that, the immediate effect might be that I would bump up to the $50 plan if I could split that cost with somebody else, like my mother in law who is also a Netflix member.