Monday, January 24, 2005

Netflix queue filler: 100 Essential Films

What Slant // magazine has to say regarding their list of 100 Essential Films: "While you will find many popular classics and critical favorites on our list of 100 Essential Films, our goal was to mix things up a bit. This list should not be construed as a definitive 'greatest films' package, but as an alternative compiled by a group of kinky film-lovers wanting to give serious critical thought to neglected, forgotten and misunderstood gems."

1 comment:

  1. Bleh... they seem like a bunch of wankers to me. "you will find many popular classics"? What? I only found one on their list (of 75, not 100, did anyone notice that?) that was even anywhere in the IMDb Top 250.

    "Look at us! Look how smart and knowledgeable we are! We know all these obscure films that you don't! We're so cool!"

    Sorry... guess I'm a little grumpy...

    Of the six films they list that I've actually seen, I'd rated them an average of 6/10. Not encouraging enough for me to want to take their advice on the rest. You'd be better off using the IMDb Top 250.