Friday, January 07, 2005

Reed Hastings and the Board of Education

I've known for quite a while that Reed Hastings is on the California state Board of Education. This editorial, from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, outlines what's going on there:

"Apparently, Reed Hastings has ruffled enough feathers in Sacramento that his tenure on the state Board of Education could soon end. Hastings, who heads up Netflix, which has revolutionized the way DVDs are rented, is a Santa Cruz resident and outspoken advocate of educational reforms." Read more

1 comment:

  1. Reed Hastings is my hero. I'm with him on English in schools. I am NOT anti-immigrant or xenophobic, I simply think that language barriers promote social conflict. Libs should take note that Europe is also keen on protective native language speaking.
    Teaching spanish to US-born students is useful, teaching english to immigrants is essential.

    Ok, not intending to get into politics I'm gonna go watch Collateral.