Friday, January 21, 2005

My Blogging Agenda

I, Becky, author of the Netflix Fan blog, have a policy of full disclosure regarding my agenda for this blog.

I have never accepted money or in kind payments from any person or commercial entity in return for writing positive things about them at Netflix Fan, or in return for writing negative things about any other person or commercial entity.


  1. This is important stuff. You should put in on the side somewhere so it won't get lost over time and people won't wonder or inquire about it all the time.

    I find your blog the most informative of Netflix blogs even though we disagree about the service.

  2. Just to clarify this, are you also saying you don't own any stock in Netflix?

    As you may be aware in any journalismm field it would be extraordinarily unethical to be commenting if you did.

  3. I've made that clear in the disclaimer in the sidebar of my blog.