Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Feature request--queue lock

SDC is a Netflix addict who has a minor complaint that keeps them from "total stupid-grin fanboyism". They wish that Netflix would provide the queue feature of allowing us to lock series discs so that we can be sure to receive them in order. All right, Netflix, we've been asking for this for ages. When are you going to do it? Blockbuster, Greencine, and Nicheflix are already doing it.


  1. It's a hack, but how 'bout creating a separate profile that is only alotted one slot (so if you were on the five out plan you'd have one profile with four slots and a new profile with one slot)? In the one-slot profile the only disc you keep there is the next one you want to receive in the series.

    The problem is the lag between titles. You won't get the next title in the series until Netflix has received the previous disc taken out by that profile. You could address this by making it a two-out slot, but then you risk getting your second choice rather than your first.

    Making this a built-in feature would certainly be nice.

  2. The problem with using a different slot is that it does not solve the problem of the next disc in a series not being available. If you put an unavailable disc into the seperate queue, you're effectively cutting your plan by one disc until that title becomes available.