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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Researching renting online?

If you're new to Netflix, or you are doing research about online DVD rental services to see which one to join, I suggest you read the . It has a brief outline of the Netflix corporate history, lists of competing services, distribution centers, and links to sites which compare services. I think it provides a good overview.

If you have more leisure time, you might want to check out the archives of this blog, especially the first six months of 2004.


  • At 4/24/2005 8:33 PM, Blogger travbailey said…

    There is a new service between Netflix and Best Buy

    The 6-week "Netflix Pack" was horrible. What happens is that you order the service and it takes 5 to 9 days for best buy to mail out a brochure. When you get this brochure, you then can log in to Netflix.

    I called Netflix, after being on hold for 5-10 minutes, the associate knew nothing about the service, he told me to call Best Buy.

    I then called Best Buy. It took me several calls to get an actual person. When I found out that it would take 5 to 9 days before I could even login to NetFlix (I have to wait for this brochure), I told Best Buy that I wanted to cancel the sevice, and then I would simply login to Netflix and subscribe today. The associate said that she could not refund my money.

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. What a joke. As soon as my 6 weeks are over I am going to cancel Netflix and go back to Blockbuster.


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