Monday, April 04, 2005

Small startups find underserved rental niches

Inside Bay Area claims to review the small online DVD rental companies that are springing up in response to Netflix, Blockbuster, and Walmart. However, they review only two (Peerflix and Greencine), and mention one (EZTakes) that hasn't even started up yet. They say that there is an underserved segment of the market that wants movies Netflix can't provide. That's false. Most of Greencine's subscribers use it for "adult" material. Since when has the porn user been "underserved"?

This is what they say about each of them: "Peerflix in Menlo Park does not have a film library. It depends on subscribers to buy and sell their own DVDs among themselves."

"Massachusetts firm EZTakes, which will roll out later in the spring" will focus on movie downloads.

"San Francisco-based Greencine, in business since 2002, has made its name as a respected player in foreign and independent films" (and porn).

I really hate pointing out the existence of so-called "adult material" to anyone, because there's nothing "adult" about it.

If you would like to read the entire article, it's here.

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  1. There's nothing adult about adult material? Alrighty then, let's open up the porno room to kiddies!

    Seriously, though, I remember spending a lot of time a few months ago checking the differences between Netflix and Greencine, and I came across MANY foreign and indie titles that Greencine had and Netflix didn't. (The most high-profile one being Murnau's Sunrise.)