Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've received the following press release from 5Hyphen Studios. They asked me to check out a new Windows-compatible queue management and interface utility for Netflix. It requires you to have the .Net framework installed. It also requires you to use your Netflix email address and password. It will not function without those. They say that the password goes directly to Netflix, and all they get is your cookie info. Judge for yourselves.

5Hyphen Studios has just released their new Netflix program, FlixQueue.

FlixQueue is a Windows application designed to give you more than just queue management. FlixQueue has drag'n'drop reordering, priority, movie lookup at your fingertips, integrated internet searching, estimated ship dates, and more! You can look through the new releases, Top 100, recommendations, or search for what you want, and add it to your queue without ever leaving the program. Come try the new way to Netflix! FlixQueue is currently in public beta, so download a free trial, evaluate it, and give us your feedback!


  1. *cough* Netflix Addict *cough* And the Java runtime (required for Netflix Addict) is only 15MB, the .Net framework is 24MB! That's a savings of 9MB! YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT, FOLKS! ;)

  2. usman has a point, but some users might have one or both of those installed already. I think in this day of widespread broadband, we should choose whichever program best suits our needs. :)

  3. While I found FlixQueue a little bit easier to use, I have to admit I do not understand the usefulness of either of these applications. NF already has a very easy to use interface, and even starting either of these programs adds a significant layer of complexity.

    While I'm not averse to geeking my geek on with NF lists once and awhile, I have to draw the line somewhere.