Wednesday, April 27, 2005

GameZnFlix preparing for United Kingdom expansion

The Louisville, KY Business Journal is reporting that GameZnFlix is planning to enter the UK market this year: "'After opening four distribution centers, our software has been put to the test with expansion. We now only need to make modifications to address information for our systems to work in the UK,' President Donald "Chip" Gallent said in the release. 'As long as we have content and titles, our platform should perform seamlessly.'"

This is a company that experienced a net loss of $9.7 million on sales of $288 thousand in 2004. If I'm not mistaken, their stock is trading at less than a penny.


  1. why you would even post anthing about this scam is beyond me

    this company is news flashes and fluff

    and making money for scammers running it

    Open in uk?

    a sad joke and an embarrassment to all public companies and shareholders

  2. I tried So far it has been over a week and still haven’t recieved the first movie. At the rate its going you MAY get 2 movies in a month with the 1 movie rental at a time membership. Hell it is cheaper to go to blockbuster and you get the movie when you want. The customer service is prompt but very rude and refuse to do refunds. I haven’t even gotten anything yet and they refuse. Stay away from them. The ship from who knows where and don’t have return tracking either. Go with someone else! Horrible service. Trust me, stay away from them.

  3. I'm a member of I get my movies and XBox games within 1 day of them listing it as shipped. Granted, I live in Pittsburgh and they have a distribution center in Scranton a few hours away. I like their service so far.