Sunday, April 17, 2005


Wondering where I've been? I went directly from Full Frame to Atlantic Beach, NC for a week of fun in the wind and rain. I was cut off from cyberspace and fully immersed in Real Life. In true female fashion, I spent the week shopping, shelling on the beach, eating out, soaking in the jacuzzi, and visiting museums. I visited Fort Macon and Cape Lookout, where I saw a dolphin jump out of the ocean in front of me :).

The great thing about Netflix is that I didn't have to worry about due dates, so I brought a DVD player, and all my Netflix discs, for those chilly nights. I managed to squeeze in a few (8) films.


  1. And while you are out of town, you can still drop your DVD's in any mailbox, and have new DVD's waiting for you when you get home!

    I really enjoy that part - when I go out of town.

    Good to hear that you're back.

  2. Howdy Becky! Did you enjoy Full Frame? Any favorites? You have been a busy woman. And it all sounded wonderful.

  3. Yes, I enjoyed Full Frame. My favorites are Murderball, Bouncing Bulldogs, Ballet Russes, Hardwood, The Last Cowboy, and Ears Open Eyeballs Click (although the camera movements made me motion sick after a while). I wish I could have seen the late night shows.